Friday, 18 April 2008

Shameless Self Promotion (part 1)

A date for your diaries folks. Next Thursday (April 24th) I'll be doing a short poetry set at the Adelphi, Hull. There'l be allsorts of other goings-on including music from Stickpin and the utterly brilliant CrackTown.

This means nothing to many of our readers. We keep an eye on where you're all from and we know that, for reasons unknown, a large portion of our readership comes from Spain and Germany. I have no idea why this would be - but if you happen to live in, say, another country, then please don't feel you have to come to the gig. It'd be kind of you but probably a little disconcerting as well. (Incidentally, there's a post coming soon just for you Spanish and German readers - a sort of "thank you" to you for being so loyal - keep your eyes peeled for it).

Say, here's a bit of CrackTown ("music for dog fights") just for the Hell of it.

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