Sunday, 15 July 2007

Squeeze: East Side Story

I bought this record today for the princely sum of 50 pence, from a charity shop in a small Lancashire village by the name of Ramsbottom (don't ask...) - I picked up a few other records too, but we might get to those another day...

But anyhoo, 50p for a fine album such as this one is the bargain of the day by my reckoning.

"East Side Story" was released in 1981 (and co-produced by a certain Elvis Costello, no less) and as Squeeze albums go, it's one of the best. Opening track "In Quintessence" is a corker, and the quality remains high throughout - 14 tracks, all excellent - this is what pop music should sound like.

Here's one of the album's highlights for your listening pleasure:

Squeeze - Is That Love

Buy the CD (cheap!) from Amazon UK

Monday, 9 July 2007

David Rovics

I've been telling everyone I meet about this guy for ages. David Rovics is a singer/songwriter currently residing in Massachusetts, USA. His songs are in the tradition of the great protest singers - though to write him off as merely a "political" performer would be to do him something of a disservice. That said, he is a tireless political campaigner, and this does shine through in a large part of his substantial back catalogue. In particular, he does often focus on the Israel-Palestine situation, and, not surprisingly, the evils of the George W Bush regime.

Most refreshing about Rovics is his attitude to marketing his music. No need to worry about distributing his music on the Internet - he's done it for you. His entire back catalogue can be downloaded for free, via the Soundclick website (link below) - though, I would urge you to pay your money and buy the records, if you can (available from the artist's own website, or via Amazon or wherever else you usually buy your CDs). If this guy is prepared to give his music away, we should be prepared to pay for it. After all, this isn't Metallica we're talking about here...

I had the privilege of interviewing David Rovics earlier this year (by phone), and I'd like to add, not only is he a supremely talented musician, he's a genuinely nice, friendly guy.

Regardless of anything else, the music is brilliant, and deserves to be heard.

I recommend these tracks for starters:

David Rovics - Halliburton Boardroom Massacre
David Rovics - Waiting For The Fall
David Rovics - Falluja
David Rovics - Operation Iraqi Liberation
David Rovics - Moron
David Rovics - Palestine
David Rovics - Reichstag Fire
David Rovics - Saint Patrick Battalion

God I was getting carried away there...!

Anyway, here's the link to the Soundclick pages with the rest of the songs on (there are three pages of them... and not one song less than fabulous)...

David Rovics on Soundclick

If you like what you hear, PLEASE go and buy the CDs!

Oh, and check out David's official website (and remember to click the "Buy Stuff" button! Got that?)

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Pauline Scanlon

I saw Pauline Scanlon at Glastonbury 2007 (twice, actually). First time was in the Acoustic Tent, the second in the rather more intimate Small Worlds Stage up in the Green Fields. Both performances were superb and I must admit, I'd never heard of this girl before - but she's in possession of a beautiful, enchanting voice and surely, great things must beckon for her.

Her new album, "Hush" is out now on Compass Records and can be purchased from our chums at Amazon, amongst other places (link below).

Here are a few tracks from Pauline's first album "Red Colour Sun" - listen to them all, this instant. Then go out and support Pauline by buying her albums. Please.

Pauline Scanlon - Sally, Free And Easy - Download
Pauline Scanlon - What Put The Blood - Download
Pauline Scanlon - And I Love You So - Download

Buy "Hush" from Amazon

Welcome aboard

Howdy folks.

Welcome one and all to this new music blog - Musicus Eclecticus. I've been a huge fan of MP3 blogs for quite some time, and I've discovered an absolute shedload of music I might otherwise never have heard. I've been thinking for a while that I should jump on the bandwagon and share some cool music with all you blog readers out there. So here it is - Musicus Eclecticus.

Posting may not be as frequent as other blogs - I'm a busy man, kids - but I'll aim for quality rather than quantity. There'll be MP3's, bootleg stuff, obscure rarities, wacky cover versions (I've a thing for covers), and allsorts of musical magic. The policy, as you may have guessed from the title of the blog, is... "flexible", shall we say? Expect folk, indie, blues, obscure old stuff... anything alternative and worth hearing, basically. The playlists may/will be influenced by my current listening habits, but I figure that's pretty much unavoidable.

Besides, I have impeccable taste so there should be no complaints, heh heh heh.

The Usual Note To Artists & Their Rep's: If you would like me to remove anything from this site, please ask politely and your request will be met as soon as possible.

More of the same: If you like the music publicised on this site, go out and buy the records, please!

First proper post coming up soon...