Monday, 9 July 2007

David Rovics

I've been telling everyone I meet about this guy for ages. David Rovics is a singer/songwriter currently residing in Massachusetts, USA. His songs are in the tradition of the great protest singers - though to write him off as merely a "political" performer would be to do him something of a disservice. That said, he is a tireless political campaigner, and this does shine through in a large part of his substantial back catalogue. In particular, he does often focus on the Israel-Palestine situation, and, not surprisingly, the evils of the George W Bush regime.

Most refreshing about Rovics is his attitude to marketing his music. No need to worry about distributing his music on the Internet - he's done it for you. His entire back catalogue can be downloaded for free, via the Soundclick website (link below) - though, I would urge you to pay your money and buy the records, if you can (available from the artist's own website, or via Amazon or wherever else you usually buy your CDs). If this guy is prepared to give his music away, we should be prepared to pay for it. After all, this isn't Metallica we're talking about here...

I had the privilege of interviewing David Rovics earlier this year (by phone), and I'd like to add, not only is he a supremely talented musician, he's a genuinely nice, friendly guy.

Regardless of anything else, the music is brilliant, and deserves to be heard.

I recommend these tracks for starters:

David Rovics - Halliburton Boardroom Massacre
David Rovics - Waiting For The Fall
David Rovics - Falluja
David Rovics - Operation Iraqi Liberation
David Rovics - Moron
David Rovics - Palestine
David Rovics - Reichstag Fire
David Rovics - Saint Patrick Battalion

God I was getting carried away there...!

Anyway, here's the link to the Soundclick pages with the rest of the songs on (there are three pages of them... and not one song less than fabulous)...

David Rovics on Soundclick

If you like what you hear, PLEASE go and buy the CDs!

Oh, and check out David's official website (and remember to click the "Buy Stuff" button! Got that?)

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Darren said...

Thanks Mate will Check out this guy tonight.