Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Record Of The Year - Ian Brown

Sadly this is only going to be a fairly short post, and given the gap since the last one, that's really a bit slack of me - but next time it'll be a bumper one... scout's honour...

Anyhoo, there may not be much in the way of sparkling editorial on this one, but I've made up for it with the music - here, in all its glory, is nothing less than the best record to be released this year, bar none.

It's Ian Brown's "Illegal Attacks", a not-at-all-veiled assault on UK and US foreign policy. Unusual lyrical territory for the Monkey Man perhaps, but you wouldn't think so. He doesn't hold back, and in this - possibly his finest hour since going solo - he's absolutely nailed a brilliant, fiery, orchestral hip-hop blast. Sinead O'Connor makes a guest appearance on backing vocals, which is never a bad thing.

Just listen to it, then listen to it again. You'll need to turn it up loud.

If you like the track - buy the single from Amazon UK or from HMV or anywhere else you fancy.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Carry Me Ohio

Sometimes you just want to switch on the stereo, stick a good tune on, and lay back and enjoy it. One of my absolute favourite tracks at the moment is the one I'm posting here, "Carry Me Ohio" by Sun Kil Moon. I heard this a while back and I'm still playing it regularly - there's something about it, I don't what it is... but what a song. Sun Kil Moon is the brainchild of Mark Kozelek, formerly head of The Red House Painters. "Carry Me Ohio" comes from the Ghosts Of The Great Highway album, a masterpiece of Americana, an eclectic affair which touches on alt.country, lo-fi rock, straight ahead riffage, and God-knows-what-else in between (it's even got a song called "Glen Tipton", about the Judas Priest guitarist of the same name - and I didn't make that up). "Carry Me Ohio" is the highlight of the album however, and by some way too. This is not a criticism of the rest of the album - merely an affirmation of just how good this track is.

All this talk of Ohio has only served to remind me of another great song, Neil Young's legendary track of the same name. So, what the hell, I've posted that too. This is the recently released version from the Live At Massey Hall album, originally recorded in 1971. Call it a bonus track if you like.

Download: Sun Kil Moon - Carry Me Ohio
Download: Neil Young - Ohio (Live At Massey Hall, 1971)