Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Record Of The Year - Ian Brown

Sadly this is only going to be a fairly short post, and given the gap since the last one, that's really a bit slack of me - but next time it'll be a bumper one... scout's honour...

Anyhoo, there may not be much in the way of sparkling editorial on this one, but I've made up for it with the music - here, in all its glory, is nothing less than the best record to be released this year, bar none.

It's Ian Brown's "Illegal Attacks", a not-at-all-veiled assault on UK and US foreign policy. Unusual lyrical territory for the Monkey Man perhaps, but you wouldn't think so. He doesn't hold back, and in this - possibly his finest hour since going solo - he's absolutely nailed a brilliant, fiery, orchestral hip-hop blast. Sinead O'Connor makes a guest appearance on backing vocals, which is never a bad thing.

Just listen to it, then listen to it again. You'll need to turn it up loud.

If you like the track - buy the single from Amazon UK or from HMV or anywhere else you fancy.

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