Monday, 24 September 2007

Covering The Clash

Two covers for you here, both with much in common. Both, for a start, are songs written by The Clash. And both sound nothing like the original versions, but this is no bad thing in either case.
First up is bloggers' favourite Jesse Malin, and his superb version of London Calling's "Death Or Glory". Malin transforms the song into a heartbreaking piano ballad, surely far-removed from what Messrs Strummer and Jones had in mind when they wrote the song nigh-on twenty years ago. Still, you can't help feeling that they would approve of this excellent interpretation.
The second track is from British singer/songwriter Adam Masterson (pictured). Currently residing in New York, and apparently without a record deal since 2003, this track popped up a couple of years back on a free CD I got with a music magazine. It was one of those hidden gems you always seem to find on freebie CDs. The guy's got talent, clearly, and his acoustic(ish) reading of "Gates Of The West" (originally from 1979's The Cost Of Living EP) is something of a firecracker.

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